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The Practice of Wözer Chenma
for Dzamling Gar Gönpa

On March 11th
we want to invite you to potentiate this day by doing the practice of Wözer Chenma, in the way that you know and as much as you can according to your circumstances
. We will do this practice with the intention of supporting the development of Dzamling Gar and specially the construction of the Gönpa.

 of Dzamling Gar, will function as a Sacred Space for the entire world, benefiting everyone everywhere as a cause for the realization of Wisdom and Awareness. As future generations fill the
Gönpa to practice together, it will function as an important place for fulfilling Rinpoche's vision of the Dzogchen Transmission continuing without end.

The Gönpa of the Global Gar can manifest according
​to ​
our participation. We have got a great opportunity to be part of it now, we encourage you
to join in this day of practice if you can!

 “Let’s Unite Our Strength and Capacity.
Dzogchen Communities, Unite all your Strength and Capacity”.

(from Dzamling Gar Song by
Chögyal Namkhai Norbu)

We will continue organising practices for Dzamling Gar development every month (alternating Wözer Chenma practice with 24 hours practice of Ganapuja).

Thanks for your collaboration.
Long Life to our Precious Master!
Dzamling Gar & Practicing Together Team

24 hours Odzer Chenma Practice

Odzer Chenma Practice